From Susan in Raleigh

Posted May 14, 2011 8:13 p.m. EDT

Greg, my very best wishes to you on this milestone of 30 years with WRAL!

I moved here from Chicago in summer 1992 and have lived through Hurricane Fran and Floyd in Raleigh with you and the WRAL team!

Our paths have accidentally crossed 3 times through the years: on the occasion of WakeMed's Childrens' Hospital opening on that trolley ride, at Emerald Isle go-karting with your brother-in-law, whom I have formerly worked with, and once in my son's school classroom.

Your detailed analysis and desire to stay forefront with technology, as well as continuing your national certification, validates your committment to the people of NC.

I am an ICU RN in the Duke system and I always take your forecasts seriously. I love the WeatherCall feature, and rely on it heavily since I work nights and sleep during the daytime hours. You have a wonderful team of meteorologists supporting you and growing in their field - keep on mentoring them!!

Congratulations on a stellar career thus far - look forward to whats ahead for you and us as your viewers.