From Kent

Posted May 13, 2011 11:01 p.m. EDT

I've been watching you, do an awesome, job bringing us weather reports on WRAL, the entire 30 years.

Hard to believe how quickly the time has gone; I was in my early, thirties when you first started.

Thank you, for "all" your efforts over the years; I've enjoyed your weather coverage and I appreciate your sense of humor, too. Ha Ha!!

I'm the guy that talked to you, next to the "SnowZone" and told you about remembering you speaking to the NC Claims Association, at Ballentine's, back in the seventies.

Best of luck, on your next 30 years, "weather" you continue to work or retire, soon. Take care!

PS: Tell Debra Morgan, I said, "she is awesome, as well".