From Barry in Fremont

Posted May 10, 2011 10:58 p.m. EDT

I met Greg Fishel when I was 13 years old in 1981. (I am now 42) During that time I was interested in being a Meteorologist and wrote Greg and Bob Debardelaben about what it would take to be one. I received a letter dated October 10, 1981(if my memory serves me right?) from Greg Fishel on TV-5 letterhead and boy I sooo excited!! My mom and I spoke to him by phone and ended meeting him at TV5 studios one Saturday not too long after that. Since 1981 he and my mom stayed in contact and even
though I didn't end up in weather due to all the maths Greg told me I needed (I was weak in math, lol) I did not chase it but love to keep up with weather today!!!

Enclosed are 2 pictures from 1995 at Pizza Hut just down from TV5 from when we visited Greg for the first time in a good while. I am seated beside Greg on the left holding my youngest daughter Katie (who is now 16 and is the baby who is asleep in the other picture)and my wife Olivia next to me holding our oldest daughter who graduates from high school next month! :) My mom and brother are seated on the other side of "the Fish!"

In short, (as I know this is lengthy,lol) Greg is an inspirational weather man who loves what he does! I have had him to speak several times to our senior saints at Pleasant Grove FWB Church in Pikeville where I am pastor and everyone loved him!

In conclusion let me say we can all learn something from "the Fish" including this minister! He once told me back at this same meal at Pizza Hut that "if only more people would understand that we (meteorologists) are the ones who predict the weather and do not make it or create it." "For that" Greg said, "belongs to a much higher authority above!" I have used that same quote Fish made in 1995 at Pizza Hut in Raleigh in several sermons!! Thanks for the quote Fish, and for your dedication to weather!! May God bless you and WRAL-TV!!

(Greg knows me as Bubba, originally from Mount Olive.)