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Greg reminds me so much of my brother whom I love dearly

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Greg reminds me so much of my brother whom I love dearly. My brother was born a geek, but I don't see that as a derogatory term, it's just a fact; he's extremely intelligent. And, Greg is the same kind of geeky too. My brother is slightly corny, but not annoyingly so. The fact that he knows he's corny makes him even funnier. And, well, Greg is most certainly slightly corny too and he knows it too. But, the best thing about my brother is his heart, which is big and warm. I don't know Greg personally, but I can imagine that his heart is similar too.

I wish Greg all my best at this milestone of his extraordinary career and look forward to many more years of viewing his outstanding

meteorology forecasts. By the way, I appreciate Greg saving me a couple of times by way of his phone call, telling of impending bad weather. My brother hasn't done that for me!


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