From Joe in Wilson

Posted May 9, 2011 6:38 p.m. EDT

I remember the hurricanes, the tornadoes of '84 and '88 and then the twisters just days ago.

Greg is always there and is a real human life-saver. There is no telling how many lives this gentleman has saved over the years by saying one simple sentence. "You need to take cover

Greg's obvious love for his job gives all the more weight to his seriousness when severe weather threatens. Not to discredit his humor in the fountain, or his talents on the tuba...once you have come to know Greg, you know he never takes what many of us do, for granted: The Weather.

I hope he plans to stay on with WRAL for many years to come.

North Carolina would not be the same without him. He is a real hero, not just a meteorologist. Heck, I wish he was my brother...I certainly look up to him, then the sky...