From Denise in Nashville

Posted April 29, 2011 1:40 p.m. EDT

10. You're still heart broken Tom Suiter retired.

9. You remember when Greg Fishel was hired

8. You cried when Charlie Gaddy retired

7. You're MAD Tom Suiter retired.

6. Greg calls you with weather reports.

5. When one of the ladies is out, you wonder if she is expecting again.

4. You recognize more of the WRAL employees than you do people at a family reunion.

3.You think Bill Leslie is still cute.

2. When the weather is bad, you wonder where Greg is and when he is coming on and why is not already on

Number 1 way to tell you are an O-Fishel WRAL fan is: You know GREG
Fishel is THA MAN !!!!