Slick roads could cause problems for some

Posted December 4, 2010 6:14 p.m. EST
Updated December 5, 2010 12:26 a.m. EST

— During Saturday's snowfall, drivers should be prepared to deal with low visibility and use caution to avoid any slick spots.

No accumulation of snow is expected on the roadways.

Jennifer Gubernath was driving along Instate 40 by Harrison Avenue when she hit a slick spot and lost control while trying to change lanes. 

"I did end up in the trees," she said. "I bumped my head on the side a little, but I'm not bleeding." 

Gubernath said in between the two lanes it was icy.

"The car went sideways and I went sideways for awhile down the road and then the back of my car just decided to park at the trees." 

State Department of Transportation officials said they were continuing to monitor temperatures and conditions on bridges. 

At Raleigh-Durham International Airport, two flights were delayed due to a malfunction in de-icing equipment, authorities said. The problems were fixed and the flights, which were on the same airline, were able to take off. 

Police in Raleigh have urged drivers not to travel unless they have to. Motorists should use caution as slick surfaces have developed on some streets. 

Orange County Emergency Services said it received numerous 911 calls for motor vehicle collisions after drivers lost control of their vehicles. Spokesman Clint Osborn urged drivers to stay indoors and travel only when neccessary. 

"Overnight conditions are shaping up to cause continued slick and icy roads into the morning," Osborn said.

In Fayetteville, Ramsey and Hillsborough streets were closed after a tree hit a power pole, police said. 

Three people were killed in a three car wreck in Guilford County on Saturday afternoon, the Highway Patrol said. There was no word if the wreck, which occurred on East Fork Road, was due to weather.