Some Triangle residents remain snowed in

Like many people across the Triangle, Janet Westerman has been snowed in since Friday night.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Like many people across the Triangle, Janet Westerman has been snowed in since Friday night.

“I’ve got nothing else to do. Can’t get out and see my grandchildren, so I might as well get out and get some exercise,” Westerman said as she shoveled the driveway of her Raleigh home on Monday.

Jerome Smith was out getting exercise too. He had to go to the library for an online class, but didn't feel safe about driving on these roads, so he planned to walk.

“It is treacherous with the ice underneath. I like walking in it, so I keep my car at home when this happens,” Smith said.

Smith ended up not going to the library because it was closed.

“I lived in New York for 20 years, it was easy for us up there. Without snow equipment and everything, I think it is beautiful and nice but it is treacherous,” Smith said.

Snow plows have been working to clear main roadways, but a lot of the side-streets are still a mess.

Still, people like Westerman are not complaining.

“I think they have done OK. I think we should just be happy to stay inside and watch Channel 5 today,” she said.

In Fayetteville, on Rowan Street, Don Kaminska and and his family were stuck all weekend. "We can't get out our driveway because it's nothing but a sheet of ice," he said.

On Monday, they ventured out on an emergency errand -- they slid down the driveway to stock up on groceries and toilet paper.

In Raleigh, Melanie Smith and her sons have only left the house to walk to a nearby hill for sledding.

“We went out and got everything we needed before the storm, so we have just enjoyed it now without having to get out,” she said.

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