Web Weather Wednesday: Military meteorologist Moss

Posted July 21, 2009 8:43 a.m. EDT
Updated July 22, 2009 8:52 a.m. EDT

WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss is a veteran of ice, snow, hurricanes -- and the Air Force. While employed at WRAL, he served a tour of duty in the Air Force reserve in Kuwait in 2005.

Now a member of the retired reserve, Moss is a familiar face and voice broadcasting from the WRAL WeatherCenter. He is also the answer guy behind many of the questions about weather conditions that come in to, and a regular blogger on weather phenomena.

In Web Weather Wednesday, he'll take your questions about his military and meteorological careers and explain how political and military action impacts the weather and environment in the Middle East.

Comment below to ask your question, then return Wednesday afternoon for Moss's answers.