Halifax County's historic buildings, roads damaged in Irene

Posted August 30, 2011 5:46 p.m. EDT

— Hurricane Irene downed trees and power lines and wreaked havoc on several historic buildings in Halifax County.

The storm caused a brick wall located in Scotland Neck's downtown business district crumble, leaving Debbie Davis' downtown dry cleaning business exposed to the elements. 

“It was a shock, very devastating,” Davis said. 

When the winds died down on Saturday, Davis had to scramble to get items out. 

"We were very lucky in the fact that none of the clothing got damaged," Davis said.

Davis said an empty nearby business has offered its space for her to use. 

Just east of town on North Carolina Highway 903, state Department of Transportation crews were working on Tuesday to shore up a weakened section of the road, where a creek ran underneath.

The crew was on schedule to repair the road, until a tractor sunk into the soft bank on Tuesday. 

"Thing just slid down when they were trying to dig the hole trying to replace the pipes," resident Theodore Davis said. 

About 10 miles west in Enfield, a historic building's roof caved in during the storm, Mayor Barbara Simmons said. 

"We've just had trees blown over on every corner," Simmons said. 

She said electricity has been restored to 75 percent of the town, but remains off for businesses on Main Street. 

Neighbors have been trying to help one another recover, Simmons said. 

"It's all been a united thing -– all trying to work together," she said.