Know Your Zone: NC coastal evacuation plans and routes

In July 2020, North Carolina launched the Know Your Zone evacuation tool.

Planning your route

  • When a storm is forecast, learn the evacuation route from your location and the amount of time needed to evacuate. Think about where you will go. If you need to go to a shelter, most shelters do not allow pets, so decide .
  • If you live in a mobile home, plan to move to a safer structure. No mobile or manufactured home is safe in hurricane-force winds.
  • Map out your evacuation route. Determine how long it will take to pick up everyone in your family, and notify other family members where you plan to be. Bring a with you.
  • Learn the evacuation route from your location and the amount of time needed to evacuate.
  • Evacuation routes are marked with circular blue signs that state "Evacuation Route." Drivers should not stray from these routes. Law enforcement and emergency responders are paying attention to them first, and the routes go to areas where food, water and shelter are available.
  • For updates on road conditions and closures, call 511 toll-free or check out the North Carolina Department of Transportation's online Travel Information System. Information will also be posted on message boards along the evacuation routes.

Planning to leave

  • Before you leave, turn off gas, water and electricity. Lock the door.
  • Take care of your pets. Public shelters might not take them.
  • Fill up your car with gas.
  • Take blankets, first-aid supplies, medicine, several days’ clothing and essential personal items to the nearest shelter.
  • Bring water and nonperishable snacks for the trip, because restaurants and gas stations might not be open.
  • Do not travel farther than necessary.
  • Return home only after authorities say it is safe to do so.

Planning to stay

  • If you decide to stay in your home, be sure to have shutters for all windows and openings and determine how long it will take you to put them up. Will rising water be an issue in your home?
  • Notify any out-of-area friends and relatives that you are staying. Determine what you will need to have on hand and .