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The Moody Blues (Skies)

Posted April 13, 2011 1:45 p.m. EDT

Have you ever wondered if the weather impacts your mood? When I started to update our WRAL Facebook page each weekend, I noticed how differently we all view what’s considered a "good weather" day. For me, sunny and 75 most days of the year is just about perfect. Everyone knows how much Greg loves the snow! For some, winter weather makes them happy while others find it refreshing to say good bye to the cold and hello to the warmth of spring. Because your comments have varied so much over the past few months, I decided to do a little digging.  I came across many books on moods and weather, but one by W. F. Petersen caught my attention.

In Petersen’s book, titled "Lincoln-Douglas: The Weather as Destiny", he analyzed in detail the effects of weather on the life of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was a tall, thin man who was reported to be shy and introverted. He was known to have periods of depression. Petersen’s book states that President Lincoln would suffer physically and psychologically during long cold periods of wet weather. His spirits would lift when the warm weather of spring and summer returned. Petersen talks about body build and it effect on mood, but the book goes into a lot more detail that I can here. I found it interesting because it documents the role weather played in the life of one of our nation's most well known historical figures.

Living in North Carolina, we have four seasons with distinct weather changes. Some love the fall due to its cool nights and warm days, while others love the spring because the world becomes green again with the warmth of the springtime sun. Many people move to the state because of our weather. People love the seasons. I for one, love fall and spring but tolerate our cold winters and hot summers. I find I have so much more pep in my step when it’s sunny and warm rather than hot. Winters chill me to the bone and I find it hard to stay warm. I would expect if my family was asked about my attitude during the winter months, they would say it needed adjusting. Many of you feel the complete opposite of me, loving the cold days and nights, because you get to participate in activities outdoors that can’t be enjoyed during our hot summer months.

Weather around here is such a hot topic. I think it’s so important because of how much weather we have in this state: tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, snow and excessive heat can all occur in just one calendar year in North Carolina. With so much diversity, the personality of the environment that we live in can be altered dramatically from day to day. Thus, if our moods are in fact influenced by the weather, that would explain why we have such differing opinions of what exactly is a perfect weather day!

What's your idea of a perfect weather day?