Weathering the Masters...

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Mike Moss

The Masters Tournament will air on CBS and WRAL later this week and next weekend, and again this year we're reminded of an extensive collection of Tournament weather records, impacts and observations compiled by William Schmitz of the Southeast Regional Climate Center and made available on their web site. The document includes a summary of weather conditions for every year of the tournament, who won and what their overall score was, brief comments about the weather and how it affected play, and some interesting weather trivia.

For example, the warmest tournament on average was in 1978, when the mean high was 86.8 degrees F, while the coolest was in 1934, with an average high of only 58.8, and about one third of the tournaments have been contested without any rain. For all the details, just use the links I included, and we'll wait to see how the 2010 edition fits in!

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