Big Wave April 2nd?

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Tsunami Alert Poster
Mike Moss

It's only a test, or at least that's the plan. NOAA and the U.S. National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program are planning a region-wide test, to include the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts, of the expanded tsunami warning and notification system that was upgraded in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. While they are much less likely for the Caribbean, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, they are known to occur in these areas, and a test warning message will be used as the basis of planning exercises by emergency management and disaster preparedness personnel on Thursday, April 2nd.

The whole exercise may go relatively unnoticed by much of our area, but if you happen to hear something on the news or in a Weather Radio broadcast, you'll at least know it is most likely a test!

For more on the planned exercise, see the link to the NOAA press release...




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