"In 'Toon With the Weather"

Recently, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania found a surprising connection between the weather forecasts we give on TV, weather briefings given to military pilots during World War II, and comic books{{/a}}. It's a brief audio talk with pictures of some of the weather comics.

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In 'Toon with the Weather
Nate Johnson
Last year, as part of the Weather and Society - Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) program, I had the privilege of meeting Roger Turner.  He is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania studying the history of meteorology.  He's done a lot of research into how the science of meteorology has developed, as well as how weather and weather forecasts are explained to people with various backgrounds.
This isn't the only connection he's found — at the WAS*IS workshop last summer, he told us about the links between TV weather forecasts and so-called "weather bunnies"... including an infamous episode of the Beverly Hillbillies!

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