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"In 'Toon With the Weather"

Posted February 18, 2009 3:37 p.m. EST

Last year, as part of the Weather and Society - Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) program, I had the privilege of meeting Roger Turner.  He is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania studying the history of meteorology.  He's done a lot of research into how the science of meteorology has developed, as well as how weather and weather forecasts are explained to people with various backgrounds.

Recently, he found a surprising connection between the weather forecasts we give on TV, weather briefings given to military pilots during World War II, and comic books.  It's a brief audio talk with pictures of some of the weather comics.

This isn't the only connection he's found — at the WAS*IS workshop last summer, he told us about the links between TV weather forecasts and so-called "weather bunnies"... including an infamous episode of the Beverly Hillbillies!