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DUALDoppler5000 under your control

Posted February 17, 2009 12:01 p.m. EST
Updated February 17, 2009 12:11 p.m. EST

A screen capture of the latest release of iControl Interactive Doppler Radar with the new "DUALDoppler5000" tab highlighted.

Whenever storms or snow threaten our area, one of the most popular features here on WRAL.com is our collection of radar images, including images from DUALDoppler5000.

Last year, we took some of our radar data to the next level by introducing iControl Interactive Doppler Radar.  iControl allows you to "drive" the radar display, including zooming in and out and moving the map, just like we do on TV.  We've also added a number of new features over time, including satellite pictures, lightning information, and, most recently, National Weather Service watches and warnings.  The one caveat to iControl has always been that the radar data it displays is a composite of National Weather Service NEXRAD radar data, not our own DUALDoppler5000 radar.

Now, you have a choice!

We're now excited to announce that as of this week, you can look at real-time DUALDoppler5000 data or NEXRAD composite data – called "National radar" – in iControl, all with the ability to move the map anywhere you wish or zoom into your own neighborhood to see when storms are coming.  This latest release also allows you to set your location.  When you do this, iControl will put a "pushpin" on the map showing you were you are, so you can see how far away from you the storms are.  You can also "loop" the radar data to see how fast storms are moving.

So, head on over to our iControl Interactive Doppler Radar and give it a test drive.  Based on the latest WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast, it looks like we'll have some rain showing up on the radar tomorrow!