A Teaching Tool Request

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Mike Moss

We got an interesting note from a teacher in our area named Karen Fichter-Venners who noted that she's found our hurricane tracking and survival guides to be a great tool for working with students on the concept of ordered pairs, in this case referring to the latitude/longitude coordinates used to locate the center of circulation of tropical cyclones on the map. She wondered whether we may have some leftovers from the 2008 season she could use to replenish her supply. While we may be able to dig a few up and help out, I wanted to post a note here to make sure anyone else who may be interested in having a hard copy of the maps used in those guides knows you can actually download a printable pdf file of the same map right from our web site. Here's the address - of course the map iteself will be updated when we roll ahead into the 2009 hurricane season, which starts in less than 5 months (probably hard to believe after Saturday's lows in the single digits and low teens!):



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