Is it going to snow anytime maybe in the next month or so? It would be splendid if it did!!

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Chirag,    I wish I could give you a good answer one way or the other. However, there simply isn't any good method for predicting the likelihood of snow at long range in our area. We are heading into the climatological "sweet spot" for historical snow events in central North Carolina for the next eight weeks or so, but their occurrence through history is sporadic and streaky, with a number of significant winter snows in some stretches of years and very little activity in other stretches (including the past four winters or so here). Given the recent relative lack of notable snow in the area, you could probably say that we are "due," but that's not a scientific statement, and whether the next big event is something that happens in the next couple of weeks, later this winter or not for a year or two yet is something we simply can't say. Typically, the general potential for a significant snow storm here can be foreseen anywhere from a few days to a week in advance, but because we are often "borderline" regarding the required combinations of moisture, cold air and sufficient precipitation-inducing weather features, the specifics regarding amounts and locations in many cases are difficult to predict with great precision and accuracy even a day or less in advance.


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