We love to enter zip codes to check out the weather with our family in NY and especially for ourselves here in Clayton but it seems that the temp in Clayton has been stuck on 57 for a week! Can someone look into it? We like to be up to date when it comes to the current conditions!!

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Mary Hunt

MIKE MOSS SAYS:        Mary,      When you enter a zip code or a city, state combination (i.e. Clayton, NC) our software goes to a database that fills the 7-day outlook with a forecast from the National Weather Service for that location, and also looks up the nearest "official" NWS or FAA weather observation site. In your case, this would be the Smithfield/Johnston County airport. Unfortunately, there seems to be an outage with the weather equipment at that site for now, and it causes the most recent available value (around 10 am on December 18th) to show up as the "current" observation. Hopefully, the NWS/FAA will have the site up and running again soon. In the meantime, you can get a good idea of current conditions closer to you by using a town like Erwin or Kenly (these will report observations from the Harnett County and Rocky Mt-Wilson airports, respectively) and you can also check the address below from time to time to see when the Smithfield airport is back up and running - the observation here will include a red-flagged statement when the data is not being reported in a timely manner...




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