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WeatherCenter Road Show: Vass Lakeview Elementary School

Posted December 18, 2008 12:53 p.m. EST

I had the opportunity to visit with the first graders at Vass Lakeview Elementary School in Vass, NC this morning.  We discussed a wide range of topics, everything from extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes all the way to how to make your own weather forecast. 

They were one of the better behaved groups I've spoken to (regardless of age, no less!), and they had some great questions.  Naturally, they asked a lot of questions about snow, including whether we're going to see any between now and Christmas.  (Unfortunately, what I had to say on that topic wasn't too popular!

I didn't leave empty handed -- they shared a picture of all the 1st graders as well as a soft-side briefcase, t-shirt, and plush eagle.  (Naturally -- they are the eagles, after all!)

So, a special hello and thank you! to the first graders at Vass Lakeview Elementary School and to Mrs. Karina Cameron for the invitation!