Can, or could the weather/rain interfere with sensitive skin; or allergies?

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Debra Townsend

MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Debra,    As with other environmental factors, weather indeed can play a role in affecting both sensitive skin AND allergies. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but for example many people with skin conditions (and even some others) are affected by large changes in humidity that can lead to dry, itchy or scaly skin on the one hand or can exacerbate rashes and irritation associated with biting insects, parasites or fungi on the other. Some people have sinus conditions and/or migraine headaches that are sensitive to changes in pressure, humidity and temperature.

As for allergies, variations in rainfall and other weather factors can affect the growth rates of allergen-producing trees, grasses and molds, not to mention the numbers of some creatures that cause allergic reactions, like dust mites, or the production of dander by animals that some people are allergic to. It is also likely that weather variables can have an impact on how susceptible a person is to the impact of certain allergens that bother them.



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