My brother (52 yrs. old) loves anything to do with the weather. I have given him two weather stations (one for home and one for work). Do you know of anything else that would be fun for him concerning the weather? He doesn't have any instruments outdoors. Are there good books for amateur weather enthusiasts? I tried looking online, but I don't really know what I am looking for.

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Elissa Leonard

MIKE MOSS SAYS:        Elissa,    Since you've got him covered on static weather stations, some other ideas might be a hand-held anemometer (some include thermometers and/or humidity sensors for calculating things like wind chill and heat index along with wind info), weather software, which could include mapping and plotting systems like Digital Atmosphere or radar analysis tools like GRLevel2 (these are just examples, and a search for "weather software" may turn up many others that he may find interesting). As you noted, books are also a good option. Most major bookstores have a section that you could look through to find something you think would fit his level of interest, and you can also search for "weather" or "meteorology" at online booksellers and often find a number of customer reviews that will give you a good sense of what people think of the various titles. You could probably also turn up something like cloud chart posters. In addition, there is a good magazine called Weatherwise that might make a nice gift subscription if he doesn't already have that. Again, a web search should give you the information you need.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

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