My daughter and I were on the bridge over the all American(santa fae)when the car felt like it was moving.We were kinda schocked because we both felt the movement.The car was not moving.The car felt like a movement we have never have happend before.Has there been any indication of a small earthquake? This happened about a week ago.

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Mary Schastey

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Mary,      I'm afraid I can't decipher with certainty exactly where you were when this occurred (on a bridge on Santa Fe Drive across the All-American freeway in Fayetteville is my best guess), but you can check recent earthquake history for anywhere the U.S. and the world at the address below.

The maps have earthquakes from the past 7 days marked, and there is a link along the left side of the page for quakes from the past 8-30 days.

If you were in Fayetteville, there doesn't appear to have been any activity close enough during either of those periods to explain the movement of your car. Could it have been a strong gust of wind, or perhaps a couple of blast concussions from nearby construction or training at Fort Bragg?


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