Did You Ever Wonder...?

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Mike Moss

Sounds like the start of an old Andy Rooney piece on "60 Minutes," but what I'm actually referring to is if you ever wondered what the coldest or warmest or rainiest holiday was, for example how hot have we been on Thanksgiving or how cold on New Year's Day, or what's the most rain that's fallen on Easter?

We get a question like that from time to time, and existing climate resources make it fairly simple to answer those questions for holidays that are date-specific, like Christmas or July 4th, but it's always been a much more troublesome or tedious process when it's a variable holiday like Thanksgiving or Labor Day. Well, not as much now, thanks to our friends at the State Climate Office of North Carolina, who answered such a question that I posed to them by developing a really neat online tool that can comb through years of data and check all the appropriate weather observations for most any holiday, and return a table that shows results for an abundance of sites around our state.

So, if you DID ever wonder, just take a look at the page that's linked to the right, and you can find the answer in short order!




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