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Mike, on the Fujita Scale, what is the strongest Tornado to hit NC, and in what part of NC did the Tornado hit?

Posted November 23, 2008 12:22 p.m. EST

Tracks of F4 and higher tornadoes in and around North Carolina since 1950.

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Aaron,     Readily accessible tornado records are available for our state covering the period 1950 through 2008. During that time, there have been no tornadoes in North Carolina that rated F5 on the Fujita scale, but there have been 27 reports of F4 damage levels, most recently near Dudley Shoals in Caldwell County on May 7, 1998. Note that some of these may be reports from different locations associated with the same long-track tornado or tornado-producing thunderstorm. These storms combined have produced $570 million in property damage, along with 38 deaths and 897 injuries. To see the particular locations involved, you can go to the address below and use the search form and filters to retrieve the list (I set it to "tornadoes" as the storm type and filtered for "F4 and higher") - you can also retrieve data on wind damage reports, large hail, flooding, and so on...


I've attached a map showing the approximate tracks of F4 and greater tornadoes over our region for that same time period.