Hello. I am just curious where within the northern hemisphere resides the deepest of the cold air? I know it is currently not in central & western Canada (Yellowknife, Baker Lake) since they are running above normal.

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Josh Bowling

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Josh,     Scanning over northern hemisphere plots of surface temperature, surface temperature anomaly, and plots of temperature and height anomalies for 500 mb and 850 mb, respectively, for Sunday 9 Nov 08 one finds that colder than normal surface air in the northern hemisphere is pretty limited in area, confined primarily to the northern partsof southwest asia (the northern "Stans," if you will), western Alaska and the Bering Sea, and an area from the northern plains into the central Mississippi Valley in the United States. Areas where the 500 mb and 850 mb cold or low height anomalies coincide are probably pretty decent indicators of "deep" cold air. Those areas are principally north-central Russia into the northern "Stans," the Bering Sea and Aleutians, the Great Lakes and south-central Canada, and small areas near northern Greenland and the United Kingdom. All of the products I mentioned above can be found in the "map room" section of NOAA's Climate Diagnostics Center web site.


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