What is the latest after hurricane season there has been a storm?

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Noah,    I answered a very similar question from a different person with the same name back in July - you can find it by typing "hurricane latest moss noah" into the search form on any of our site pages.

However, when I answered that I based "latest after the season" on storms that occurred later in the same calendar year as the hurricane season, so that the answers were Hurricane Alice2 of 1954 and Tropical Storm Zeta in 2005, both forming on December 30th. However, since there is a 6-month window (December through May) between the end of hurricane season on November 30th and the beginning of the next season on June 1st, perhaps it makes more sense to consider anything out through February to be a "late" storm, and anything in March through May to be "early."

If we use this convention instead, the latest storm on record was a nameless Tropical Storm that existed in early February (2-5) 1952, and has become known as the "Groundhog Day Tropical Storm." You can read more about that system at




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