Does the WRAL weather reporting service maintain an archive of weather reports such that I can search for a particular date and retrieve reports and any advisories that may have been issued for that date?

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Robert M. Fonda

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Robert,     We do not have a warnings archive on our site, but there are resources for looking up that kind of information on the web. For example, you can retrieve any severe thunderstorm or tornado watches issued by the Storm Prediction Center since the beginning of 2004 at

You can also retrieve local storm reports (listing observations of hail size, wind damage, tornado sightings, etc) since the middle of 1999 at

On a more local and storm-specific basis, you can access all warnings issued by local weather service offices (these are the ones that we would pass along in crawls or expand upon with cut-ins) along with any related local storm reports and radar imagery that captures the situation that existed at the time, at a fairly new service called the County Warning Verification (COW) site that is part of the Iowa Environmental Mesonet site. It takes a bit of manipulation to get to what you want, but is pretty self-explanatory and works very well. Just go to

There you select a time range, the appropriate NWS office (for our area, usually RAH for Raleigh) and check the kinds of warnings and reports you want to see.


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