What will the weather be like on october 20 2009?

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Angelique Preston

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Angelique,     There's really no way to be very specific so far in advance. Instead of a forecast, we have to fall back on climatology, or what has historically been the case around that time of year. For Raleigh, Oct 9th has an average high temperature around 74 degrees, with a standard deviation of +/- 8 degrees (so the high is between 66 and 82 about two-thirds of the time on that date) while the average low is 51 (+/-9 degrees).  The record high for the date is 94 degrees and the record low is 33. The coolest high on record for the date is 53 and the warmest low is 70.

In terms of precipitation, there is about a 22% chance of measurable rain (.01 inch or more) on that day (so rain occurs about one time out of every four to five Oct 9ths), while rainfall of one quarter inch or more has about a 12% probability (occurs about one of every nine to ten Oct 9ths).

All of this info is conveniently available from a web site operated by the Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC) at



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