I would like my parents to receive weather call in case of a tornado warning, however, they do not own a computer. Is there another way I can register them for this service?

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Jo Ann Smith / Debbie Lewis / Maureen

Also, these related questions  from Debbie and Maureen -

I have tried to sign up for weather on call and I keep getting an email that tells me that my street address cannot be located.

Weather Call - I'm trying to sign up for it. It's not recognizing my address. I've lived at this address for 10 years and it's right in Raleigh. So I click on the map as instructed and I find my location and it still won't update.


MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Jo Ann, Debbie and Maureen (and others having issues with WeatherCall),   First off, thanks for making the effort to participate in the WeatherCall program, and our apolgies for any difficulties that pop up for some people. We think the "growing pains" will be well worth it for providing the direct conduit for warnings to reach the locations most likely to be affected, without alerting much larger county-sized areas.

First, regarding alternate ways to sign up, at the bottom of our WeatherCall sign-up page (a couple of lines below the big red buttons for signing-up or logging in) you'll find technical support contact information in the form of an 800 number and an e-mail link. A call to that number should allow anyone who doesn't have a computer to sign up for the service.

In addition, messages to that number or that e-mail should get you some help if you are having issues such as an unrecognized address or town.

Finally, at this time we can only provide the complimentary service to the counties that are considered "local" by definition of our Designated Market Area (DMA) as recognized by the FCC and Nielsen Research. Those counties are listed in one of the answers in the WeatherCall FAQ - there is a link to that FAQ on the sign-up page as well. Outside of those areas, the service is still available from WeatherCall, but there is a $6.95 per year fee.

The address for our WeatherCall sign-up page is


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