I need a chart or "table" that would indicate the body comfort level for the relationship between humidity/dew point and temperature on a sliding scale type format. For example, I'd like something that would indicate if 50% humidity and 78 degrees is comfortable or too humid, as well as for other combinations of those readings. I stay so hot in my house most of the time I sometimes think I must have a serious illness, but I'm sure it's because the humidity is too high in relation to the temperature. I have several hygrometers, but they don't show comfort levels. If you have any idea where I can obtain such a "table" showing normal humidity range for various temperatures, I'll greatly appreciate it! I know dew point is important, too, but I have no idea how to derive that number, so a chart or table is what I need showing the comfort and non-comfort "zones." Thanks for any help you can give!

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Pat Williams

MIKE MOSS SAYS:         Pat,     There is a detailed standard established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers called ASHRAE Standard 55-2004 that may contain some tables or charts that directly address your question, but they are not readily available online and ASHRAE chagres $47 for the publication. I did find a couple of links you may want to look over that briefly address indoor temperature versus humidity and associated human comfort levels. See


The second address includes a link to a simple "apparent temperature" table that relates relative humidity and temperature to a "feels like" value, but it would be a judgement call as to where a particular individual would be most comfortable with in that chart.

Hope that helps a little.


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