Hey how much training do you have to do to become a meteorologist?

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Leslie Villatoro

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Leslie,       The answer can vary considerably depending on the particular meteorology position you are dealing with. Most meteorologists get their basic traininig as a four-year college degree (usually a Bachelor of Science) in meteorology or atmospheric science. For some more advanced jobs in research and teaching, Master of Science or PhD degrees may be rquired, which can add another 1-4 years or so of graduate school.

Some positions do not require degrees of this sort. For example, there are many enlisted military meteorologists who go through specialized training programs in weather observation and forecasting that do not result in a degree. In addition, some broadcast meteorologists with degrees in other subjects get their weather training through a distance-learning program that results in a Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology

Most meteorologists, as with other jobs, then continue to take occasional short courses, online training classes, seminars, etc in order to stay current in the field and in the use of job-specific technical equipment.



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