I know where all our snow went!

Snow on Mars!

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Martian Sunrise over Phoenix
Nate Johnson

Like many folks here in the Triangle, I'm a big fan of snow, and I'm of the opinion that we don't see enough.

Remember that big snowstorm we had in January of 2000?  That was about the right amount.  I guess I can say that because I didn't lose power -- my opinion might be somewhat different if I had to suffer through that without lights, hot water, and the like. 

That said, I enjoy the white stuff. 

This makes the latest news from NASA very exciting -- snow on Mars!   The Phoenix spacecraft landed on the Martian surface on May 25, and has been studying the soil and atmosphere of Mars ever since.  Recently, that study turned up evidence of snow falling from the clouds over Mars.

Unfortunately for the Martian children, the snow was melting before reaching the ground, and school was not canceled for the day.


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