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October 4th - A Fair Day for Stencils?

Posted September 30, 2008 10:07 a.m. EDT

As we head into October, the crisp fall air (arriving in the wake of a few warm and somewhat humid days to close out September) is a good reminder that the NC State Fair is just around the corner. In advance of the bifg event, the NC Division of Water Quality and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is teaming up on a volunteer event to place "runoff reminders" at all the storm drains (over 200) on the State Fairgrounds. The event entails stenciling a reminder that storm runoff is a primary source of water pollution as it sweeps litter, sediments and other pollutants into streams, lakes, rivers and eventually the ocean.

To get all those stencils in place, the Division of Water Quality is calling for volunteers to meet on Saturday, October 4th at 9 am in front of the Gov Jim Martin Building just inside Gate 9 off Trinity Road. Paint, stencils and gloves will be provided. They set Sunday, Oct. 5 as a rain date, although for now it appears Saturday should be a very nice day with lots of sunshine, lows in the lower 50s and highs in the mid 70s. Volunteers can register by visiting www.ncstormwater.org or can call the Division of Water Quality at (919) 807-6363 for more information.