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Tropics Really Heating Up

Posted August 28, 2008 7:34 a.m. EDT
Updated August 28, 2008 7:37 a.m. EDT

We just pushed the remnants of Fay out of town (and some of us are still cleaning up after those storms!), and Gustav is still churning southeast of Cuba in the Carribean.  Now, we have the newly-numbered tropical depression number eight west of the northern Leeward Islands.

Unike Gustav, a storm not likely to affect NC's weather at all, TD #8 -- and whatever might become of it -- bears watching here in the Old North State.  While there is a huge, huge spread in possible outcomes, at least a few model tracks keep it out of the Gulf of Mexico and within striking distance of our coastline.  There's still plenty of time to watch, and we'll be doing just that in the coming days.

All of this activity is right on cue, at least climatologally speaking.  The peak of the hurricane season is September 10th.