Hey there, I was just wondering how much money do meteorologists get paid? Also, HOW do you get paid exactly? I know that the salaries and whatnot may differ from city to city, how experienced you are, and what broadcast network you work with, but I'd like to have the general overview of a life as a meteorologist, including the pay. :)

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Kee,     You can find some good information on the range of jobs available to meteorologists and descriptions of the duties involved at


Most meteorologists are paid on a salary basis, while a few may be paid by project, fees for service or on a commission basis. Many are employed by the government and are paid at the standard government rates (for example, "GS" categories for federal workers and standard pay by rank for military meteorologists, both of which you can look up on government web sites). On a more general basis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides results of a survey of "Atmospheric and Space Scientist" pay at

Here are some other good "career info" links you can peruse...






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