Who was asleep at the wheel as you ran a thunderstorm thread alert running across the screen during the whole RBC Canadian Open golf tournament? There weren't even any thunderstorms on the radar! A little goes a long way. WHY in the world would you leave it on the entire tournament? You ruined it for me.

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Radar/Warnings 27 Jul 08
Kris Christensen

MIKE MOSS SAYS:        Chris,     I wasn't at the station during that period, but as far as I can tell looking back at records from that afternoon, no one left crawls running when they were not required, and crawls were not initiated in the absence of storms on radar. We are required by station policy to run severe thunderstorm warning crawls continuously, stopping the crawl when the warning either expires or is canceled due to  a weakened or departed storm cell. On Sunday afternoon there were a series of strong storms that only affected one or two of the counties in our viewing area at a time, but they occured in an overlapping sequence that resulted in a crawl for one or two counties and then another through most of the afternoon. Available records indicated the first warning was issued just before 2 pm EDT and the last one was cancelled at 6:23 pm. We certainly don't like to inconvenience you in terms of viewing our programming, but we also have an obligation to pass along the warnings to affected areas and at present there is no effective way to restrict the crawls to TV sets in the specific areas involved. I'm not sure where you got the idea that there were no thunderstorms on radar. The attached image is a radar capture from just before 4 pm, and there area clearly thunderstorms in place over Pittsboro, just north of Sanford, a little northeast of Louisburg and over Roxboro, with a warning shown for parts of Chatham and Lee counties. There was similar coverage earlier in the afternoon, with storms becoming more isolated toward 6 pm when a single intense cell crossed Lee County and prompted one last warning.

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