Can you tell me how much it rained in Lakeview, NC on Friday afternoon 7/18/2008?

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Rain estimate Map
Cathy Atkinson

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Cathy,   The horizontal variability of convective rainfall makes it almost impossible to provide a specific value for Lakeview itself without a report from there, but we can make some estimates based on nearby values. For example, 24-hour rain totals were reported via the CoCoRahs network on the morning of July 19th at Whispering Pines (.08") and at Foxfire (.38"). We can also check a map of estimated precipitation, based on radar estimates combines with surface reports, available fromt he National Weather Service. The map showing 24-hour rain ending at 8 am on July 19th is attached, and one would estimate from it that the lakeview area probably received between one tenth and one quarter inch of rain that afternoon, although one quarter to one half inch is indicated just to your northeast (this is consistent with a report from Cameron of .37" for the 18th) .

For others who might like to use the same resources to check their local area, here are the web addresses involved.          (daily reports from a volunteer network)       (NWS precip map - use the daily archive time frame)

(Weather Underground page with the info from a Personal Weather Station in Cameron for the 18th - you can use the search boxes to find other locations, including both personal and official FAA/NWS reports)


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