Hey Mike, have the recent rains done anything to help the wild fires down east in NC?

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John Murphy

MIKE MOSS SAYS:         John,   They have helped quite a bit, although it can't be said yet that they have fully extinguished what remains a major incident. The fire is reported to be 75% contained now, with rainfall in the past week or two, along with elevated humidity levels, having extinguished most of the remaining surface fire. However, so far the rains (about 1-3 inches across most of the fire area in two weeks, around 50-70% of normal for the period) have not been sufficiently widespread and persistent to douse the ground fire that extends several feet down into the peat surface, and it sounds like the firefighters have a lot of work to do to keep that contained and to react to any surface flare-ups that sprout during dry intervals.

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