What is the latest in or beyond hurricane season there has beeen a storm?

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:        Noah,    The Atlantic hurricane season is defined to end on November 30th. Of course that doesn't mean it is impossible for a tropical cyclone to form later in the year, just that they become very unlikely. There have been two recorded occasions on which an Atlantic tropical storm formed on December 30th and lasted several days in to the following year. The first was in 1954 with Alice2, which went on to become a hurricane. More recently Tropical Storm Zeta formed on the same date in 2005.

As a side note, the name Alice2 above has an interesting history. At the time, the Weather Bureau (now National Weather Service) used the same name list each year, starting with Alice. There had been an earlier hurricane Alice in June of 1954. The storm that formed on December 30th was not recognized and named until January 2, 1955, and was given the name Alice as the first name of that year. However, additional analysis and slow-arriving data later showed that it had actually formed on Dec 30, 1954 and was hence the second Alice of that year, now often referred to as Alice2.


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