Could you guys put the Live Feed of the Radar on the site so we can see the Doppler Rardar update Every second? insted of every 5 or 10 minutes? See what you guys can do about it.

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John Lamp

MIKE MOSS SAYS:        John,      I'd like to say we put a live version of the radar on to fill your request! However, we've actually had that available from our main weather page for a good long time now. Our apologies if the link isn't prominent enough, but if you'll look under the four panels showing Dual Doppler images in the upper right hand section of our weather page you'll see a link that says "LIVE Streaming DUALDoppler5000." Clicking on that will open a video window with a near-realtime image of the radar that includes the sweep bar. Note that the drawback with this version of the radar is that it can not be looped or zoomed in for more detail as the other versions can. More recently, we have also added the "iControl" radar viewer, which allows panning, zooming and looping. This feature is based on composite radar imagery from the National Weather Service, so may appear a little different from the echoes on Dual Doppler 5000 from time to time, depending on the location and structure of the precipitation systems being viewed.


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