Has there ever been a year when there where no hurricanes, tropical depressions, etc?

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Atl Hurr Hist

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Noah,   Reasonably reliable data on tropical cyclone numbers and classification for the North Atlantic basin extend back to 1851. So far, in that entire period there has not been a year without at least some tropical activity (see the attached bar graph from the National Hurricane Center), and every year except for two in that span have included at least two hurricanes.

The exceptions were in 1914, when there was a lone tropical storm that existed from 15-19 September and crossed east to west off the Atlantic, across southern GA and down toward southern LA. There were no known hurricanes that year.

Eleven years later, in 1925, one tropical storm occurred from 6-7 September, moving out of the Gulf of Mexico across Mexico and the southern tip of Texas. Then, there was a very late season hurricane that formed on 29 November and lasted until 4 December. That storm moved from the Gulf of Mexico across Florida and up the southeast coast, with the center eventually moving northeast across the Pamlico Sound and Outer Banks of our state.

Note that the available records do not include tropical depressions that did not reach tropical storm strength.



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