Which is safer - an interior 2nd floor room with no windows - OR - an elevator on the bottom floor?

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Wes Clark

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Wes,   I'm a little lacking context in answering this, but generally the recomendation from storm safety experts and researchers is that the bottom floor is the better place to be in a tornado, which I assume is the weather condition you are asking about.  The interior room on a second floor sounds good in that there are no windows, but in a mult-story structure, if there is a collapse you probably do not want to be falling along with all the building material and furniture around you. Recommendations for first floor or basement shelters usually include the idea that if a sturdy piece of furniture is avaialable that you can get under, or into a tub with a mattress over top, etc, you will have some protection from debris falling from above. In a first floor elevator sounds pretty good too, except I don't know if you mean an elevator near the center of the building or along the outside, and whether you are talking about a large office building type structure or something much smaller.



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