See the International Space Station from your Backyard!

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Jesse Richuso

You can see the international space station from your backyard! You just have to know when to look. Passes last only a few minutes, and the ISS will look like a bright star moving across the sky.

Visit NASA's page for ISS Passes for North Carolina cities and click on the city closest to you to find out what times within the next 10 days or so that the ISS will be visible.

It will compute a few columns of data for you. "Duration" is how long (in minutes) that the pass will last. "Max Elev" is the maximum height (in degrees) that the ISS will reach over the horizon (measured from 0 to 90 degrees). "Approach" tells you where it will be at the beginning of the pass, and "Departure" tells you where it will be at the end of the pass. With that information, you can get a pretty good idea of when and where to look in the sky. Good luck!


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