I've been experimenting with your interactive weather radar & love it so far. The only problem I see is it always dafaults back to the original view after a few minutes, defeating the purpose of watching weather at a certain location (like my own house for instance). Is this simply a "Beta" thing, or will the final version of the software allow the view to remain wherever users set it? Also, how can we have it automatically refresh without it reverting back to the original view? That is a bit annoying. Thank you & keep up the great work with the weather features. I use your site exclusively at home & at work.

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Jerry Hatcher

MIKE MOSS SAYS:         Jerry,    Thanks for your confidence, and also for the feedback about the Interactive Radar Beta. We do expect to be making changes to that feature as time goes on, some of which have been suggested by viewers and web visitors like yourself. As you mentioned, it would be a nice improvement to have the image area remain the same when the page is refreshed and when new radar data paints onto the screen. Another suggestion that we've received and think is a good idea is having users be able to save one or more personal "favorites" so that if they have family somewhere or a vacation home they'd like to be able to quickly check on, etc, they can go right to that location. We've made the programmers who created the application aware of these ideas and they agree that those would be positive changes. We were advised that they may not be "quick fixes," though, so there may be a bit of a wait before they all show up on the site.


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