I need to know the number of lightning strikes in the vicinity of 2400-2841 brownfeild rd in Raleigh between the dates of 4-11-08 and 5-5-08. if you could give them to me or know where I can find this data I would surely appreciate it.

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Jason UpChurch

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Jason,      The lightning detection networks in the United States are privately operated enterprises and the data that we show on some of our weather maps are available only for near-realtime display, so we can not save the data or make it available through our web site. Archived data and forensic products are only available through the vendors that own the networks, and require a fee to access. The two lightning networks in place at this time are

which does not appear to have a lightning forensics capability in place as yet, and

At this address, you'll find a map of recent lightning strikes, and a "StrikeNet" feature. By registering for StrikeNet, you can request a report showing archived lightning data for a specified location and date. According to the FAQ (see the link at these reports cost $95 for a location/date, with additional dates for the same location available at $25 each.


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