Our daughter is to be wed on June 7th, 2008. Any chance you can give us an idea as to what the weather might be in the Chicago area on that date?

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Milly Limmer

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      MIlly,    We're too far out from that date for a reliable forecast, but we can take a look at climatology for the area to see what is typical, or at least average for that time of year. The normal high in Chicago for June 7th is 77 degrees, with the lowest high on record 50 degrees and the warmest 100. The normal low is 55, with the record low 44 and the warmest low 78. Chicago averages 3.6 inches of rain in June, with measurable rain occuring on average about 9 days out of the month. The record rainfall there for June 7th is 2.3 inches. Chicago tends to have about 10 days in June with cloudy skies, while about 20 are sunny to partly cloudy. Here are addresses for sources of most of this information, for those interested in other cities or times of year.

Hope that helps a little, and good luck/best wishes!


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