I have a wedding planned for May 3rd, 2008 in London, KY (Southeast Kentucky). What does the projected weather look like? I've found conflicting projections for that day.

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Lindsay,    As that date is almost three weeks away, there isn't any kind of reliable specific forcast that can be made. All we can really do is look into the climatological averages for the period, which show an average high of 72 for that date with a standard deviation of +/- 8.5 degrees, meaning the high should fall between 63 and 81 degrees almost 70 percent of the time, along with a record high of 87 and lowest high on record of 55.  Normal low temperature for the date is 47, also with a standard deviation of +/-8.5, with a record low of 32 and a warmest low on record of 62. Measurable precipitation occurs on average about 11-12 days per month in that area - note that this includes days with very brief or light precipitation as well as more substantially rainy days. Long range outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center for May do not at this time show any tendencies for above or below normal precipitation or temperature for that area. Hopefully that will help a bit with general planning, and you will be able to get more specific forecasts for that particular day once you are within about 5-6 days of the event. Good luck!


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