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I'm a graduate student at NCSU. One of the research projects I am working on requires historical averages for the number of sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, and snowy days in the Raleigh area. It further needs to be broken down by time of day and day of week (e.g., weekday mornings, weekday afternoons, weekend mornings, and weekend afternoons). I've searched NOAA and NCDC and it seems the only thing I can find is average precipitation. Any suggestions where I can find this info?

Posted April 7, 2008 8:54 a.m. EDT

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Dena,   That's going to require some digging. Since you are a student at State, your best bet might be to head over to the State Climate Office there and see what they recommend. It's pretty easy to find existing info on cloudy days, days with precipitation, etc, per month or for the year as a whole, but to stratify the climatology more finely into day parts as you've asked about may require going back and processing original observations. Here's a starting point for contacting the Climate Office...