I am at work right now in Sanford and we just had a very unusual experience. The corner of our building made a slight rumble. Then again and then again. Nothing fell from the sky. Our building is on a concrete slab. We looked while it was going on to make sure that it was a big truck going by or thunder. On the radar there is NOTHING over us to make thunder. Is there any notification of an earthquake in our area? 10:30 am Thank you!!

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Dawn,      The time you noted was 10:30 am on Thursday Apr 3rd, 2008. A check of the USGS earthquake mapping system for the pas seven days shows no activity for our area, with the nearest tremors being very weak quakes in northwest Tennessee that occurred last Tuesday and again on Sunday.

Since you ruled out weather and trucks passing by, it seems possible the rumbles were from construction projects nearby (perhaps involving some blasting, given the repeated nature). That's just speculation, but the most reasonable one I can think of offhand.

For checking recent earthquake activity, see this address:


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